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DIY Heel tips replacement

There two types of heel tips; metal and a nylon based plastic.
The metal ones were used from the 1960s to the 1990s and were/are gradually phased out in favour of plastic heels as they are softer on the spine, give more grip and make less noise. But for purists today they can be found on fetish shoes. In addition, metal heel tips last a lot longer but create sharp edges and can slice the leather on your shoes.


First arm your self with a pair of plyers or pincers available from all DIY shops or husband's toolbox.

Pull of the old plastic tip from the heel. You may need a strong person to do this. The pin usually won't come out as the plastic tends to break. If the plastic is still on the pin, remove with the plyers.

repairHeelTips 001.jpg
repairHeelTips 002.jpg


The metal tip will come off with the pin. You will need some SERIOUS force to do this. Try rotating the plyers back and forth in a "left and right" motion but do not twist too much because the pin will shear and you will not be able to get it out. It needs patience.

Please note that with modern shoes 9 times out of 10 the heel tips come out easily.

Now is your chance to repair leather around the stiletto heel tip which may be loose by using Superglue or leather adhesive.

repairHeelTips 003.jpg
repairHeelTips 008.jpg

Place the new stiletto heel tip correctly on the heel and hit with a hammer squarely.

Alternatively get a piece of wood and hold your shoe, as if you are going to kill a bug with the heel, and bring it hard and firmly in a swinging motion on the wood.

Don't worry this will not damage your shoes. After that the stiletto heel tip should be firmly on.

If the stiletto heel tips are slightly bigger you can grind them down preferably with a file or very carefully with a Stanley blade.

repairHeelTips 010.jpg
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