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Name: Marianne Kent
Sent: 03/08/2006
Country: USA

" Just made my second order with this site. Love the heel tips, was able to repair my own shes with a single pair of pliers and diy info. Very easy and economical and the seller was great."

Name: Brenda
Sent: 11/07/2006
Country: USA

" Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!"

Name: Elisabet Teilor
Sent: 09/07/2006
Country: USA

"Good day Guys Good site. Thanks a lot. I'll be back to you."

Name: audrey
Sent: 06/07/2006
Country: scotland

" you are a god send thanks. my cobler doesnt do metal heel tips cos he knows i'l be back time and time again you'v saved me a fortune and your fast service is second to none thanks again aud "

Name: Luisa Reyes
Sent: 23/06/2006
Country: USA

" I am very happy that you carry such a wide variety of metal tips! Metal tips are almost non-exsistant here. I find they seem to last 5 times longer than plastic.... Plus the sexy tapping sound they produce is irresistable! I am please to say you have a new loyal customer... Thank You"

Name: NT
Sent: 28/04/2006
Country: UK

" Great product, a hell of a save compered to the high street. Will deal with again"

Name: Tony Mattravers
Sent: 20/04/2006
Country: UK

"Excellent and very friendly ebayer, saved me a fortune as my wife wears stilttos everyday. Many thanks again and again "

Name: S Payne
Sent: 01/11/05

"I would like to thank you for your quick service and good products,  these will help to cut the cost of my wife's shoe repairs by at least a third. great site good product "

Name: A Trinder
Sent: 01/10/05
Country: UK

" With 3 daughters and wife who all love stilettos I was really annoyed I couldn't buy these until I found you. Terrific. "

Name: DG
Sent: 27/06/05
Country: UK

" Thanks for the Heel Tips,Quick Delivery,Excellent service,Thanks. "

Name: Tracey Houston
Sent: 10/03/05
Country: UK

" These heels have saved me a fortune. The service and quaility is outstanding. "

Name: MWE
Sent: 09/03/05
Country: UK

" I just wanted to let you know that I'm extremely happy with the service you provided me. Quality service, quality product, quality delivery. Thank you. "

Name: BJ
Sent: 21/02/05
City: Pitea

" Quality seller,very helpful,very fast delivery,thanks."

Name: Dee
Sent: 30/01/05
City: USA

"In case no one told you lately you are a very nice person and you're very helpful in any problem I had even showing me how to get to work paypal. Very prompt in answering any questions I had even stupid ones. Thanks again."

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