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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between pin sizes?


There are four pin sizes. Please see below.

  1. 2.5mm - 101 pin - very rare/vintage

  2. 2.9mm - 115 pin - most popular

  3. 3.1mm - 120 pin - second most popular

  4. 3.3mm - 125 pin - some vintage shoes and large heel shoes

All heel tips can be converted to the next pin size up using Flexitubes and a small amount of super glue.
For instance: P1b_120 + Flexitubes = P1b_125


What is the height of the heel tips?


Standard PU heel tips range from 6-6.5mm high.

Metal heel tips are all 5mm high.

All extra hyard wearing heel tips are 6.5-7mm in height.



Does it matter about the height of the pin?


No, the hole in the heel goes right up to the heel.

How do I measure the tips correctly?


For round tipped heels measure the diamete using a ruler or micrometer.

For D shape (horseshoe) tips measure the flat edge then the long edge. It's always better to go slightly bigger.


Do you ship internationally?


Yes, we do.



What tools and materials do I need for repairing the shoes?


Hammer, block of wood.
Pliers or pincers.
File and sandpaper.
Deremel or hobby drill for professional results.
Glue, shoe cream or polish.

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